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Generations Home Care Services (or, “Generations” as we refer to ourselves) is a Minnesota-based LLC established in 2018 to provide non-medical, in-home services, designed to provide support for seniors and disabled individuals who wish to live independently and remain in their own homes for as long as possible.


The company began as a passion project for three Sibley County-area natives with friends and family members who struggled to find the right services at crucial times during a health journey. Research into potential solutions that uncovered a gap in services inspired us to start this small business -- one that we hope will provide provide some extra hands where they're needed. 

As population density changes and resources become scarce in rural areas, we’re more committed than ever to helping our hometown communities and the surrounding area thrive. We want to help our friends, relatives, mentors and others maintain and even strengthen the small communities we grew up in by providing jobs and much-needed services to serve an aging population.


We’ll continue to educate ourselves with the latest information from various sources, including the state board on aging, state departments (health, human services, etc.) and will continue to evolve and expand as we uncover more resources to support rural populations. We welcome community input and feedback, so don’t hesitate to reach out via phone (507-237-6430) or email:

Rhonda Buerkle, President –

Angela Howe, Vice President –

Jen Bellmont, Controller –

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